Ma Lung Winery

Ma Lung Winery is a small urban winery located in Brooklyn, New York.

We produce wines from different V. vinifera varietals with varying degrees of sweetness. Please refer to the sweetness indicator below for an explanation of our sweetness levels.

Being an urban winery, we currently do not own any vineyards and source our raw materials. We contract with selected vineyards in California and Washington state with whom we have built a long and trusted relationship.

After receiving the ingredients all vinification, aging and bottling are done on premise in Brooklyn, New York.

Please enjoy in moderation. Please enjoy responsibly.

0 - 5/5

Starting in 2013, we will begin introducing a sweetness indicator to the labels of our wines. We are doing this to help our customers quickly identify the level of sweetness. It will be located in the upper right corner and appear like so, X/5. X is a value that ranges from 0 (zero) to 5, depending on the sweetness. The sweeter the wine, the higher X will be. For instances,

0/5, is classified as a dry wine, with little or no perception of sweetness.

5/5, is classified as a dessert wine. It is the highest designation we use for our sweet wines.

It is obvious that the sweeter the wine, the higher the residual sugar. Please do not mistakenly believe that the sweetness value is singularly tied to the amount of residual sugar. There are many factors that affect the taste and perception of sweetness in wine. Acidity, alcohol, and, most importantly, the taste of the winemakers ultimately contribute to the process of determining a sweetness value.

... is the most befitting word that describes our winemaking method. Finding harmony between sugar, acidity and alcohol to make wines that are balanced, elegant, clean and pure.

Achieving this purpose is easier explained by what we do not do. We do not tailor, either through chaptalization or acidification, the must to fit some textbook winemaking formula. To ensure we capture, preserve, and highlight the essence of the vintage, we will adjust our winemaking to the must; not the other way around.

We prefer to utilize all the lees, vintage conditions permitting of course. To retain the personality of the grape fermentation takes place in neutral vessels with ambient temperature, and occurs spontaneously with native yeast; but in difficult and hostile environments, especially with our ice or dessert wines (5/5), cultured yeast are employed only as a last resort.

When fermentation completes the wines will age on its lees for an extended period of time. This will allow the wine to gain complexity and round out its profile. It will also allow the sugar, acid and alcohol to acclimate and harmonize.

After extended time on the lees, the wines are filtered. In another month or two, it is bottled very gently to maintain the wines' natural CO2 (which protects it from oxygen). The wines are bottle-aged for a minimum of one year before release.

A few recommendations on enjoying our wines:

  • Be open to the experience.
  • Slightly chilling the wine is preferred.
  • Block out some private time.
  • Sharing? Sharing is optional. If you choose to, we suggest offering it to a intimate group of like-minded individuals.
  • Important: Let the wine breathe for at least 15 - 30 minutes before taking your first sip.
  • Be patient and attentive. Start slow and do not rush.
  • Most Importantly: Please enjoy in moderation. Please enjoy Responsibly

Getting to know the wine is analogous to getting to know someone. Engage the wine in conversation. Take time to listen and be aware of the subtle nuances it might divulge as the conversation progresses. There's no need to hurry this honest exchange of expressions; For the wine reveals most when it is relax and has your complete and undivided attention.

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